Polo Lesson | Theory and practice (about 2 hours)

Polo Lessons

Theory: The initial coaching takes place indoors on a wooden horse where the instructor explains the polo swing. The hitting cage is equipped with a special ball launching system so that the player can hit balls continuously. Sitting on the wooden horse, the player practices swing and movement of legs, arms and other parts of the body under the careful supervision of the instructor.

Practice: Once the swing has been understood and incorporated you will be provided with the necessary equipment -boots, helmet and mallet – then mounted on a real horse to practice what you have learned. Under the instructor guidance, first at walking pace and then at gallop, you will experience the joy and excitement of playing polo.

After the lesson, beverages will be served while the instructor summarizes the main contents learned and reviews your strengths and weaknesses for a future match. After that, you will be given a diploma. Tea will be served in the main house of our Estancia [Polo School] where you will have the chance to restore energy used during the polo practice.